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What is Zoology Optional E books + PYQs by Synopsis IAS?

The Zoology Optional course is for UPSC IAS, IFS (Indian Forest Services), GSI and NET JRF.

Course includes: Zoology Optional Book Summaries. All the Standard Book Summaries are uploaded one by one. Content is created in lines with Zoology UPSC Previous 40 Years Solved Papers. Model answers are made by combining topics from IAS and IFS Syllabus.

No book needed: For making content, we start with NCERTs, and refer standard text books, reference books, research papers and journals. We update the optional content with current affairs.

You can solve 45/56 questions in Paper 1 and Paper 2 in UPSC CSE 2023 Mains from Previous Year Papers.

You can solve 48/56 questions in Paper 1 and Paper 2 in UPSC IFS 2023 Mains from Previous Year Papers.

All these questions can be solved if you have followed Synopsis IAS, because Synopsis IAS make content from Previous Year Papers + Syllabus.

Strategy Videos by Krishna Sir: Previous Year Questions for Zoology Optional UPSC is discussed in detailed manner, in which the strategy for Answer Writing in Zoology Optional is covered. You will be able to self-evaluate the answers after going through these videos.

You will learn to apply paper 1 concepts in Paper 2; use tables, charts, examples etc.; and implement other important aspects of Zoology in your answers.

Discussion Videos for Approach for Previous Year Questions for Zoology Optional.

Our Approach: Syllabus and previous year papers are the Key! It is a well-established fact that at least 90% of questions are repeated directly or indirectly in UPSC Optional Papers.

Considering this fact, the content is made while considering two parameters: UPSC Syllabus + Previous Year Question Papers.

A Scientific and Redefined Way to Learn Optionals: All the questions from 1979 are updated, along with standard book summaries.

Please do not enroll for this course for UPSC CSE Mains 2024.



Course Pages

800+ Pages

Course Duration

No Videos


IFS Mains 2024

Course Content / Syllabus

Zoology Optional Paper 1 and 2.

Zoology Optional PYQs from 1979

General Details

Lectures: There are pre recorded lectures by the highly qualified and experienced faculties.

Advanced lectures: These include applied part and in depth-learning for all major topics.

Study material: Course study material will be available for registered students in downloadable and printable PDF format on the student dashboard. 

Personalized student dashboard: Registered Students get a Personalized student dashboard with a login password. You can watch the lectures anywhere, anytime and any number of times.

Two-way feedback: We take students’ feedback seriously. We can remove or replace faculties if the feedback is not good.

It is a Paid Batch for UPSC CSE aspirants. However, a number of videos are uploaded at YouTube for Demo and Awareness purpose.

Course Duration: 1 August 2024- IFS Mains 2024

Validity: One month after IFS Mains exam.

Answer Writing Practice: There are extensive answer writing sessions exactly based on UPSC pattern. Kindly note that evaluation is not part of the Classroom course. Evaluation is available for test series students.

Model Answers: You will get model answers to the previous year questions, expected questions etc.

Expert Support: You will get Doubt clearance Sessions via mail, chat, or phone, as and when required. Offline centre Support at Delhi.

How is this course different from similar courses by other coachings?

Other coachings provide too much content and the content that they provide is very unorganised and not according to the UPSC Syllabus. Other coachings overburden their students with unnecessary garbage which is hard to read even once, so just think how and when the students will revise it?

Organising the content needs 2 Things:

  1. UPSC Syllabus: This will tell you what all topics you need to keep your notes within.
  2. Previous Year Questions: This will tell you the exact topics and even exact questions many times of what will be asked in UPSC. You yourself can predict what UPSC will ask in exam with the help of previous year questions.

We have organised our Previous year Questions in such a way that it is easier to find and predict the weightage of each unit, each topic and even repetitiveness of the paper. Each unit has been organised Topic wise and it took years of research to get through this.

Mostly students do not even know which coaching to join, which books to follow for each section, which sir or ma'am will teach better and how did we fail in Optionals? Even after purchasing some coaching's material, students search for which books to follow to make notes along with coaching. Then why did the students join coaching in the first place when they could not be provided with one stop solution? Coaching is supposed to save our time, and not waste it.

But let us tell you that there are no poor students. Students just need the right approach to crack this exam. 

We advise you to not believe us blindly and look for previous year questions yourself and you will see how UPSC is repeating 90% of its questions every year. You just need to revise and practice those solutions of question papers and those topics again and again.

We proudly claim that our toppers have followed this approach and cracked the exam very easily. Some have even cracked it in first attempt.

  • If you are joining our course: we assure you that you would not need any other material for reference. Just follow this.
  • If you are not joining our course: then we advise you to download previous year questions ebook from our Free Resources Section and practice it yourself.

Please don't fall in the trap of coaching wallas claiming every year UPSC asks new things or you need to study every other thing or join random test series.

  • UPSC repeats itself.
  • You do not need to do PHD in the subject, you need to study with the right and smart approach as in the end we just need to clear our exam. So study wisely.
  • DO NOT Join random test series. Practice previous year questions asked by UPSC again and again and we guarantee you, YOU WILL CLEAR CIVIL SERVICES EXAM.

At Synopsis IAS, we provide to the point and Synoptic Content.

No other Study Material / Book needed: For making content, we start with NCERTs, and refer newspapers, standard text books, reference books, research papers and journals. We update the content with current affairs regularly. After making content for any topic, we also refer to the other major institutes notes to ensure that we don't miss any important point or topic.

Still, the content is available in approx 1/3rd pages as compared to the other institutes.

Krishna sir is the content head at Synopsis IAS. The course content is thoroughly reviewed by him. He has gained 7+ years of experience in Research and Development while in services at DAE, GOI.


We do not waste unnecessary time in selling coupons for courses, marketing, and promotions. The faculties just teach, teach and teach, and do not beat around the bush. The lecture duration is short – If other institute has covered the same topic in 1 hour, we cover that just in approx. 15-20 minutes.


We teach in easy Hinglish language. The content slides for the course are in Hinglish (One line English, One line Hindi).

The course is available in English and Hindi Mediums. The Study Material is in Three Languages: First file is in English, Second file is in Hindi, Third file is Bilingual (one line English, one line Hindi). The Lectures are delivered in Hinglish.


When it comes to guidance, noone can even come closer to Synopsis IAS. The Synopsis IAS institute is based on the vision of a person, who left services just to teach and provide genuine Guidance.

There are Strategy Videos by Krishna Sir: He has discussed the strategy to prepare for UPSC in cover in a realistic way in his most popular Guidance Series.


The course is available for a very less price compared to any other online or offline coaching.

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