Sociology Optional UPSC PYQs Solved (1979-2023)

Sociology Optional PYQs Solved (1979-2023) + Answer Writing

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What is Sociology Optional UPSC PYQs Solved (1979-2023) by Synopsis IAS?

This is a course for topic wise solutions for Sociology Optional for UPSC.

Total Number of Previous Year Questions Solved: There are 2200+ solved PYQs for UPSC mains. 50+ questions are asked every year. (normally 56 questions, 28 in paper 1 and 28 in paper 2). 

Content and Lectures: Content includes topic wise solutions from 1979-2023 UPSC Mains. Content is provided for all the questions. Lectures are taken for selective 50 questions.

About Course: Course completion date is 20 August 2024. UPSC Mains 2024 Sociology questions shall be added after the exam completion. Course starting date is 20 June 2024.

Answer Writing: There are extensive sessions on answer writing.

Note: This course is part of the complete Sociology optional Course for UPSC . IF you are student of complete course, there is no need to enroll for the Sociology PYQ Course.


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Mains 2024

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