Mentorship by Krishna Sir

Mentorship by Krishna Sir: Regular Intraction

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What is Mentorship by Krishna Sir by Synopsis IAS?

Personalised Year Long Mentorship by Krishna Sir.

Includes Prelims Preparation, GS Mains Preparation, Optional Preparation

Personalised Guidance Sessions (One to one)

Common intractions for common questions

Lectures for Understand Optional for UPSC

Personalised Mentorship for Answer Writing

Note: This is a mentorship course by Krishna Sir. He does not teach all the subjects, instead he connects with students with regular basis to boost preparation.

You can join offline Mains Answer Writing Batch if you are part of this course.

Offline Mains Answer Writing Batch is conducted after every Prelims by Krishna Sir.


Krishna Sir

Course Pages


Course Duration

100+ Hours


1 Year

Course Content / Syllabus

GS Prelims + Mains + Essay + Optional Subjects Courses are included with this course.

General Details

Live Classes.

Telephonic Calls.


How is this course different from similar courses by other coachings?

Krishna sir is the guide and mentor for you in this course.

Content Developers and Faculties

Krishna Sir

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