Forestry Optional Previous Year Questions Solved - UPSC CSE PYQs (25 Years PYQs Solved)

Forestry Optional PYQs (From 2000: 25 Years PYQs Solved)

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What is Forestry Optional Previous Year Questions Solved - UPSC CSE PYQs (25 Years PYQs Solved) by Synopsis IAS?

This is a course for topic wise solutions for Forestry Optional for UPSC. (Content + Lectures)

Course Timeline: 1 June 2024 - IFS 2024 Result

Total Number of Previous Year Questions Solved: PYQs are solved from 2000 to 2023 UPSC Indian Forest Services Mains for. 50+ questions are asked every year. (normally 56 questions, 28 in paper 1 and 28 in paper 2). 

Content and Lectures: Comtent includes topic wise solutions from 2000-2023 UPSC Mains. Approx 300 questions are discussed in the lectures. Content is provided for all the questions.

About Course: Course completion date is 10 November 2024 (The Indian Forest Service (Mains) Examination is scheduled to take place from 24th November 2024 onwards for 10 days.)

UPSC Mains 2024 Forestry questions shall be added after the exam completion.



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IFS 2024 Result

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Forestry Optional Paper 1 and Paper 2 All PYQs Solved

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Lectures: There This is a content only course.

Study material: Course study material will be available for registered students in downloadable and printable PDF format on the student dashboard. 

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It is a Paid Batch for UPSC CSE aspirants.

Course Completion Date: To be continued till prelims exam, as this is kind of guidance and approach course.

Validit:  Validity of this course is till IFS 2024 Result.

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All PYQs Solved for IFS Forestry Optional

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