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Static + Applied + Current + Contemporary Essays

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What is Essay for UPSC by Synopsis IAS?

This course covers Static Essays, Applied Essays, Essays on Current and Contemporary Issues, Essay Writing Sessions on multiple topics.

We have kept in mind all the previous year questions while designing the course so as to make our students exam ready.

Demo Essays

Please visit this link to read demo essays.

Course Highlights:

1. Previous Year Based Content: This essay book is meticulously curated using essay topics from previous years, ensuring that the content remains highly relevant to the current examination requirements.

2. Approach and Demo Essays: Crafting compelling essays begins with effective brainstorming. This book has revolutionized this process by presenting a comprehensive approach section. Building upon this approach, we have written demo essays that help you to learn the art and flow of writing, facilitating your grasp of the art of essay writing.

3. Easy to understand: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The language used in the essays is simple and straightforward, yet impactful, with an emphasis on concise, easy-to-understand English phrasing.

4. Abundant Examples and Case Studies: Essays are enriched with a wealth of real-world examples and case studies. These valuable resources are adaptable for use across all the main papers, encompassing GS1-4, essay, and optional subjects.

5. Static Essays:  These are the essays that most aspirants find manageable. This book, as presented by Synopsis IAS, will help to gain a competitive edge to achieve extra marks in these topics effectively.

6. Philosophical Essays: Philosophical essays have posed a considerable challenge for UPSC aspirants in recent times. We've deciphered the Art of Writing Philosophical Essays by deconstructing them into distinct aspects and counterarguments.

Be assured, you won't find better essays content anywhere else.


Krishna Sir

Course Pages

100 Pages

Course Duration

25 hours


Mains 2025

Course Content / Syllabus

Following subjects are covered:

Candidates may be required to write essays on multiple topics. They will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion, and to write concisely.

Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.

1. Static Essays.
2. Applied Essays.
3. Essays on Current and Contemporary Issues.
4. Essay Writing Sessions.

General Details

Lectures: There are pre recorded lectures by Krishna Sir for 2023 and 2024 Batches.

Study material: Course study material will be available for registered students in downloadable and printable PDF format on the student dashboard. 

Personalized student dashboard: Registered Students get a Personalized student dashboard with a login password. You can watch the lectures anywhere, anytime and any number of times.

Two-way feedback: We take students’ feedback seriously. We can remove or replace faculties if the feedback is not good.

It is a Paid Batch for UPSC CSE aspirants. However, a number of videos are uploaded at YouTube for Demo and Awareness purpose.

Course Completion Date: 1 month before exam

Validity: One month after exam.

How is this course different from similar courses by other coachings?

Other coachings provide too much content.

Still, a number of topics are left out. Students are forced to follow two or three coachings, along with a newspaper like The Hindu, Indian Express, Dainik Jagran etc.

Ultimately, students tend to confuse and get stressed. A number of students even do not appear in the exam due to the phobia of Current Affairs, PT type compilations, The Hindu, Indian Express.

At Synopsis IAS, we provide to the point and Synoptic Content.

No other Study Material / Book needed: For making content, we start with NCERTs, and refer newspapers, standard text books, reference books, research papers and journals. We update the content with current affairs regularly. After making content for any topic, we also refer to the other major institutes notes to ensure that we don't miss any important point or topic.

Still, the content is available in approx 1/3rd pages as compared to the other institutes.

Krishna sir is the content head at Synopsis IAS. The course content is thoroughly reviewed by him. He has gained 7+ years of experience in Research and Development while in services at DAE, GOI.


We do not waste unnecessary time in selling coupons for courses, marketing, and promotions. The faculties just teach, teach and teach, and do not beat around the bush. The lecture duration is short – If other institute has covered the same topic in 1 hour, we cover that just in approx. 15-20 minutes.


We teach in easy Hinglish language. The content slides for the course are in Hinglish (One line English, One line Hindi).

The course is available in English and Hindi Mediums. The Study Material is in Three Languages: First file is in English, Second file is in Hindi, Third file is Bilingual (one line English, one line Hindi). The Lectures are delivered in Hinglish.


When it comes to guidance, noone can even come closer to Synopsis IAS. The Synopsis IAS institute is based on the vision of a person, who left services just to teach and provide genuine Guidance.

There are Strategy Videos by Krishna Sir: He has discussed the strategy to prepare for UPSC in cover in a realistic way in his most popular Guidance Series.


The course is available for a very less price compared to any other online or offline coaching.

Content Developers and Faculties

Krishna Sir


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